Robert Griffith | 5 February 2023
Robert Griffith
5 February 2023


John 16:33  “I have told you all this so that you will have peace of heart and mind. Here on earth you will have many sorrows and trials; but cheer up, for I have overcome the world.”

There aren’t many promises in the entire Bible, in my experience, that provide more comfort and encouragement than this one.

The apostle Paul spread the gospel far and wide throughout the known world. He was a tenacious soldier of God. He played a significant role in God’s plan to broaden the boundaries of Christendom. Paul accomplished everything he did in the name of Christ and under the direction and strength of the Holy Spirit.

But Paul’s ministry faced stiff opposition. He appeared to be at the epicentre of spiritual conflict as a result. He was aware of his adversaries’ cunning tricks, including those used by Satan and the world.

He endured numerous forms of persecution during his Christian life, including stonings, beatings, and incarceration. Yet despite such severe persecution, Paul could write:

Philippians 4:4  “Rejoice in the Lord always; again, I will say, rejoice.” 

About 61 or 62 A.D., while Paul was imprisoned in Rome, he sent a letter to the Ephesian Church. His letter’s main subject is supernatural living, and he discusses the spiritual conflict faced by Christians. He explains that the conflict we engage in is not with other people but with Satan and the powers of spiritual wickedness.

In times of struggle, trial and even persecution, the apostle Paul experienced the miraculous peace of heart and mind that Jesus promised, a promise that we too can enjoy.

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