Robert Griffith | 15 July 2023
Robert Griffith
15 July 2023


One of the most profound statements in the Bible is recorded in Genesis 2:18 where God
 says: “It is not good for man to be alone.” Man was created to be in relationship – with
 God and with each other. This speaks about more than just marriage – it reminds us from
the outset of creation, that we need companionship – we need each other. And one of the
most important and special relationships is that of a friend.

From Genesis to Revelation we encounter friendships. In fact, would it be too simplistic to say that the theme of the whole
Bible is friendship? God’s desire to befriend His people and His desire to have his people
live as friends together – dominates the Scriptures.

What does it mean to be a true friend? Why is friendship important to God and to us?
How are lifetime friendships formed and maintained? What priorities and attitudes in my life do I need to change to facilitate stronger friendships? How do l become the “friend of
God” like Abraham was?

Ponder the following beautiful description of friendship. Is there someone
out there who sees you in this way? Is there someone you know who is this kind of friend
to you?  After you have read this, substitute “God” for the words “A friend” and then meditate on the truth of His
friendship with you.

What is a Friend?  – by Luann Auciello

  • A friend is a person you can trust, who won’t tum away from you.
  • A friend will be there when you really need someone,
and will come to you when they need help.
  • A friend will listen to you even when they don’t understand
or agree with your feelings.
  • A friend will never try to change you, but appreciates you for who you are.
  • A friend doesn’t expect too much or give too little.
  • A friend is someone with whom you can share dreams, hopes and feelings.
  • A friend is a person you can think of and suddenly smile.
  • A friend doesn’t have to be told that they are special,
because they already know you feel that way.
  • A friend will accept your attitudes, ideas, and emotions,
even when their own are different and will hold your hand when you are scared.
  • A friend will be honest with you even when it might hurt,
and will forgive you for the mistakes you make.
  • A friend can never disappoint you, and will support you and share in your glory.
  • A friend shares responsibility when you have doubts.
  • A friend always remembers the little things you ’ve done,
the times you ’ve shared, and the talks you’ve had.
  • A friend will bend over backwards to help you pick up the pieces
when your world falls apart.
  • A friend is one of life’s most beautiful gifts.


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