Robert Griffith | 16 May 2024
Robert Griffith
16 May 2024


Hebrews 11:8   “By faith Abraham, when called to go to a place he would later receive as his inheritance, obeyed and went, even though he did not know where he was going.”

If God were to come to you in the same way that He did to Abraham and invite you to go to a place that you had no prior knowledge of, what would you do? Could you carry it out? If you did not know where you were headed, would you be willing to embark on a journey like Abraham did, leaving the safety of where you were and trying to find your way? It is utterly ridiculous, isn’t it?

Nevertheless, this is the kind of faith that brings glory to God! In order to accomplish what Abraham did, you would need to have complete faith that the God who called you, loved you, and was able to provide for you and guide you is the same God who did what Abraham followed.

Because it really puts everything on the line in order to obey God, faith is an exciting adventure. Abraham did not embark on his journey by himself. Not even he had any idea where he was going. He did not wake up one morning and say, “God, I am ready to move, and I need you to lead me to another place.” The Bible says, “By faith, Abraham, when called to go…” It was God’s initiative from the beginning, yet God didn’t explain everything upfront. Real faith honours God by obeying before understanding everything.

When you live your life based on faith, you will discover an important truth: It is not always easy to see the way forward until you really go on the adventure. It is hardly surprising that Abraham is referred to be the “Father of Faith.” What an exciting journey Abraham embarked upon, and we get to get to read about it as he obeyed the call of God to go out and do something incredible!

When you hear his story, you will discover that it wasn’t even so much about the destination as it was about the journey itself. We can see this as his story progresses. Throughout Abraham’s faith journey, he encounters challenges, adversaries, struggles, and hurdles that force him to remain dependant on the God who had called him.

Abraham was also referred to as the friend of God. When God is all you have, you discover that God is all you need! God did miraculous things through Abraham – miracles that even his critics would give God the credit for! I love that his journey also reveals the detours he took from faith, times of faithlessness, and doubt.

In spite of the fact that he had committed a number of errors, he never stopped coming back to the God who had called him, and he discovered that God was trustworthy!

The God of Abraham is the same God today. Jesus described the kind of faith that honours God like this,

Matthew 6:31  “So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’”

You will not know all the answers when you walk by faith. All you will need to know is that God does! That’s the adventure of living by a faith that honours Him.