Robert Griffith | 18 May 2024
Robert Griffith
18 May 2024


1 Corinthians 12:31  “But now let me show you a way of life that is best of all.”

Are you already living the best life possible?  Those who followed Christ at Corinth were addressed by the apostle Paul in the verse above as he issued a challenge to demonstrate to them to live their best life. Do not be content with a life that is wonderful when you have the opportunity to experience a life that is even greater, which the Bible defines as the best life of all. According to one translation, it is “the most excellent way” to live one’s life.

When he wrote this letter, Paul was writing to a church that was experiencing a lot of strife. I find that fascinating. They were not even living a good life, let alone the life they had envisioned for themselves.

Perhaps you can relate to this. Conflicts and differences of opinion were causing their fellowship to be disrupted. As a result of their spiritual gifts or the distinctive positions they played within the church, certain people were acting as though they were more ‘spiritual’ than others. The fact that they were missing out on the most wonderful opportunity that God had planned for them to enjoy was patently evident.

Consequently, Paul makes a significant statement about a style of living that is the best of all when he is in the middle of his teaching about the gifts of the Spirit. It would trump the greatest gifts anyone had or could give, or the greatest service anyone may offer. It’s what they needed if they were to thrive, and what we need desperately today if we are to really live our best life!

The entire thirteenth chapter of 1 Corinthians is devoted to Paul’s discussion on this topic. What we are talking about here is love, namely the sort of love that God has bestowed upon us via His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Once you have finished reading Paul’s wonderful description of love, you will understand why he referred to it as the most wonderful way for us to live!

According to the words of one commentator:

“Great faith, acts of dedication or sacrifice, and miracle-working power have little effect without love. Love makes our actions and gifts useful. Although people have different gifts, love is available to everyone.”

Meditate on1 Corinthians chapter 13 today, and ask God to fill you with His love so that you can live your greatest life starting right now!