Robert Griffith | 24 December 2022
Robert Griffith
24 December 2022


Selflessness is our story. This is who we are. Children of the One True God. Triune, mysterious, mighty, and sovereign.

The pages of Scripture were divinely penned for us to find, read, digest, and embrace. God encourages, admonishes, and guides us through the relevance of an ancient text that has become the most widely read book in the world.

The Christmas story is much more than a cute manger scene. Christmas is the story of the power of God coming to earth to save His children.

This Christmas, let’s aim to make it about who Jesus is, and Whose we are. If all we do each day is sit and spend time in prayer with Him, it will prove to be enough. Because the more time we spend with He who is the way, the truth, and the life, the more we recognize Whose we are.

Day by day, let’s become selfless. More Jesus, less of us.

Let that be our Christmas wish, and the wonder will surely follow. We will never get to end of the mystery that is our God. He is breathtakingly compassionate in His love for us, not wanting one to perish.

Bring on the wonder, and let the love of Jesus, the sweet babe born to Mary under the breathtakingly bright star to the tune of a choir of angels, flow through us with power and majesty.

We find our peace in Christ, alone. Not people, ourselves, or anything this world can offer. He is our all in all.