Robert Griffith | 11 March 2023
Robert Griffith
11 March 2023


Francis Frangipane once wrote:

“We will never possess mature, ongoing discernment until we crucify our instincts to judge. Realistically, for most of us, this may take an extended, focused season of uprooting old thought-systems – attitudes that were not planted in faith and love for people. In truth, if we will appropriate the discernment born in the “mind of Christ,” we must first find the heart of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16). The heart and love of Jesus is summed up in His own words: “I did not come to judge the world, but to save the world” (John 12:47). Yet even when the Lord does judge us, it is to save and deliver us.”

The ability to see the unseen is what we call discernment. Perceiving the spiritual world is a blessing from the Spirit. Its goal is to reveal the essence of what is concealed.

However, there are many who believe they are hearing from the Lord regarding one issue or another. Only God knows if they are in some things. However, a lot of people call it discernment while merely judging others. Jesus told us not to condemn. He sends us into the world as co-redeemers, not as judges of man. We have been sent to save individuals, not to condemn them.

The critical carnal mind constantly sees a reflection of itself in others. It thinks it is seeing others while actually seeing itself. Jesus calls the individual who passes judgement on others while committing the same sin a hypocrite. The Lord is not telling us to completely cease caring about other people. He desires that we be able to support one another. Jesus’ concluding remark, “First take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye,” sums up the emphasis of His command to “not judge” (See Matthew 7:1-5).

We can only assist others by seeing plainly and not by passing judgement.  This is the “righteous judgement” that Jesus refers to in (John 7:24). We don’t “see plainly” until after we have experienced profound and thorough repentance and the urge to judge based on “appearances” has been eradicated.

Jesus compared telling people about their sins to wiping specks from their eyes. The human body’s most delicate and sensitive organ is the eye. How does one remove a particle from another person’s eye? Very cautiously! You must first gain their confidence and trust. This entails continuously displaying a nonjudgmental attitude and a refusal to automatically pass judgement. We also need to see clearly in order to assist others.

You will have truly built a foundation for the gift of discernment if you sincerely try to crucify your inclination to judge and embrace Christ’s redemptive heart. Your heart will be ready to accept divine dreams, visions, and revelations. You won’t be tarnished by prejudice. You’ll be filled with Christ’s wisdom and Christ’s heart.

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