Robert Griffith | 3 August 2023
Robert Griffith
3 August 2023


To think like a servant is one of the key aspects of serving God. If it weren’t so unattainable, this might be fine. It seems like we are all built to simply think about ourselves.

Because it goes against human nature so much, learning to give preference to others is one of the true markers of a Christian. Because of this, God is the source of the desire, and the Holy Spirit is the agent of action. Paul said of Timothy:

Philippians 2:20-21  “I have no one else like Timothy, who genuinely cares for your welfare. All the others care only for themselves and not for what matters to Jesus Christ.”

The key to embedding a servant mindset in your thoughts is concealed in these verses. It all begins with Jesus. Jesus becomes the centre of your attention as you fall in love with Him. As you do this, you learn more about Him and get to know Him like you would a friend. Eventually, you start to understand that what matters to Him also matters to you.

Additionally, this is not merely a matter of familiarity. There is also a supernatural component at play in this situation. The Holy Spirit in you is connected to what matters to Jesus, and the Spirit responds to the cry of truth from deep inside you.

Other people mattered deeply to Jesus.

He could tell they were in anguish and hurting. The Bible says that He was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. If not from the suffering of those around Him, then where did that anguish and grief come from? He was actually bearing their sorrow. He sympathised with their anguish. He once felt the power of compassion leave Him after a woman touched Him in a desperate attempt to be healed, even though He couldn’t see who touched Him due to the clamour of the throng. Jesus was incredibly perceptive to those around Him and their needs.

Although it’s true that acting like a servant doesn’t immediately make you one, it really helps. Being a servant-minded person makes you more aware of other people, and the more you are aware of other people, the more the Holy Spirit can use you to reach out to them. The gospel has more opportunities as a result of all of this. People simply aren’t accustomed to receiving service and so it can open doors to a conversation about why you are reaching out to them.

I’m sure you’ll see many opportunities to be a servant if you ask God to give you the ability to think like one.