Robert Griffith | 8 May 2023
Robert Griffith
8 May 2023


Colossians 3:15  “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.”

Busy, breathless, things seem a little crazy lately?  Most of us know that kind of running. It just happens. Life happens. As things pile up, things fall behind. As we run, our quiet peace becomes a quickened pace. Our relationships start to show a frayed edge.

The bank account of calm that we have carefully invested in, slowly gets drawn down until it’s in the red. Concern and unrest begin to rule our hearts and our minds and our behaviour begins to show the edginess of impatience and irritation.

There is a prescription for just such times in our life. It’s an age-old formula that works to restore peace to the centre of our lives. It’s a way we can live in peace and confidence even when life swirls around us at a crazy pace.

The wisdom God reveals in the Bible is foundational wisdom that can carry us through our days and right through life. When it is applied, the power and strength behind it will amaze you. It will change your day-to-day living. This transformation is always only a choice away:

Choose peace to rule your heart.

Allowing or “letting” God’s peace rule in your inner being is a choice that involves being intentional about two things: living in harmony with other believers and being consciously thankful.

Living in harmony doesn’t mean overlooking differences or living without boundaries. No, it means being willing to be a “peacemaker”, not simply a “peacekeeper.” It means looking with gratitude at the situations and people around you and, from that platform of gratitude and harmony, create solutions with the help of God’s Holy Spirit.

Peace is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit that you can ask for as you rely on God’s help in choosing peace to rule your heart. So why not ask Him again now?