Robert Griffith | 8 July 2023
Robert Griffith
8 July 2023


When we read the New Testament and gain an accurate understanding of what the Church really is and learn about the plan and purpose of God in establishing the Church, then we should regard the Church as the most significant, the most powerful and the most influential reality in the world.

From God’s perspective, the Church is not peripheral to the world; the world is peripheral to the Church.

The Church which we discover and encounter in the New Testament is not only established by the omnipotent Creator of the universe, but it’s also empowered by Him on a daily basis through His Spirit, to be the light in a dark world. The Church was created to have a global impact – to touch every heart and life on this planet.

That is the Church we are introduced to in the New Testament, but when we look around us today in our nation, we realise that the modern Church barely resembles the New Testament Church in its structure, methods, priorities, attitude and certainly its impact on the world.

For all intents and purposes, the Church we see in the New Testament fell asleep at some point between Pentecost and today. We are still the same Church theologically speaking – for there is only one – and yet our presence and influence in society is at such a low ebb that it could be argued the Church is sound asleep.

It doesn’t seem that long ago in this nation where political and social leaders in our society would approach the Church for an opinion on matters which impacted communities in a significant way.  Not only do they not approach us anymore – we have to almost knock down doors to be seen or heard, and if we are given a hearing, very little respect is given to our position for we are now regarded as just another minority group in the society wanting to push our own agenda.

So, what happened?  Why are the custodians of the best news any human being could ever hear, largely ignored, marginalised and treated like a joke?  Why do those who are indwelt by the One Who created this entire universe seem so powerless against worldly leaders who possess no real power?

How do we encourage or initiate a re-birth of the true Church? In answer to those questions, I want to say that first and foremost we need sound teaching. We need to go back and re-discover the truth of our Christian heritage. We need to put our denominational traditions, our environmental conditioning, our personal worldview and perspective aside, and take a fresh look at the Church which Jesus birthed and promised to build.

The Church will only rise up and begin to impact this nation when you and I get a firm grasp on what the Church really is at its core and what God’s plan and purpose is for His people. Go back and read the Gospels and the Book of Acts and then read them again, and again, and again … until your mind is saturated with the reality of the Church as it was when the Holy Spirit birthed it long ago.

Keep reading until your heart is gripped with excitement and Godly sorrow. Excitement at the possibility the Church could once more become the dominant reality in our community and our nation and Godly sorrow that we have allowed the Church to become so marginalised and impotent.

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