Robert Griffith | 16 February 2024
Robert Griffith
16 February 2024


Luke 24:15  “And it came to pass, that, while they communed together and reasoned, Jesus himself drew near, and went with them.”

There are some truly remarkable words found in the Emmaus story: “Jesus Himself drew near and went with them!” From our earliest days in school, we were taught the importance of comparing adjectives – positive, comparative, superlative. This text aligns perfectly with the three degrees.

Here is something positively good“Jesus Himself.”
Here is something comparatively better“drew near.”
Here is something superlatively the best“and went with them.”

Take a moment to ponder the first of these. As the two disheartened men shared their thoughts on the Emmaus Road, they were unexpectedly joined by none other than Jesus Himself. The reflexive pronoun “Himself” serves to highlight the profound significance of Jesus’ presence, especially we He was the subject of their conversation! It underscores the fact that it was the authentic, unchanged Jesus Who approached them. Yes, it was Jesus Himself.

It is truly remarkable to realise that Jesus Himself is the one Who accompanies us as we embark upon our journey – every day! It deeply saddens me to hear preachers talk about our beloved Lord as if He were just a relic of the past, present in our lives only as a gentle force or in some ambiguous manner. Rest assured, our beloved Saviour is always by our side, even though we may not see Him. His presence is personal and ever-present – it is none other than Jesus Himself.

However, there was a powerful moment when Jesus Himself “drew near.” Indeed, He approached, even though paradoxically, He was already “near” before He “drew” near. He was always there, supporting and guiding them, even though they couldn’t see Him. But now, He made His presence known.

It’s incredible how Jesus is constantly by our side, but there are moments when He comes even closer, making His presence undeniably real to us. It is worth noting that it was during their conversation about Him that He approached them. It is unfortunate how frequently we neglect to mention His dear Name during our conversations with fellow Christians. And what incredible opportunities we miss!

When Christ approaches, it is always to unveil a deeper understanding of Himself, just as He did on the road to Emmaus, where He explained the Scriptures and then revealed Himself in the act of breaking bread. There is a special closeness that He brings to us. He desires to unveil Himself in a fresh and more expansive manner. Are we prepared for this?

Third, and most importantly, Jesus Himself drew near “and went with them.” What a truly remarkable source of motivation as we face the daily challenges in our journey. Jesus accompanies us as individual disciples, providing guidance, protection, support, rejuvenation, and sharing the qualities of His own life with us. He deeply cherishes the fellowship of His people. He brings joy to our lives, making each day feel like a sunlit journey on the road to Emmaus.

May this day and this year be filled with a passion that ignites your heart, as you engage in those special divine conversations along your journey, confident that Jesus will always give you the good (Jesus Himself), the better (drew near) and the very best (and went with them).

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