Robert Griffith | 4 December 2023
Robert Griffith
4 December 2023


Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of Hamas co-founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef, defected from the terrorist group in the late 1990s and secretly worked with Israel’s security services to expose and prevent several Hamas terrorist attacks. He later gave his life to Christ and wrote a 2010 autobiography titled Son of Hamas.

Yousef, 45, now endeavours to expose the true face of Hamas’ genocidal death cult, speaking earlier this month at the United Nations. In his latest speech in Michigan last week, Yousef said:

“I’m here to communicate with you within the best of my ability of the true nature of Hamas. Because we have a problem. We have division, and there are many accusations. There are hate groups using this confusion, this chaos, to project hatred, to spread lies. So basically tonight, I will use this energy, this opportunity where we can focus on the facts on the ground to be able to see things for what they are, because without truth, without being anchored in truth, we will be swayed with so many opinions, so many ideas and confusion will lead to more hatred.”

Yousef told the audience Hamas is something beyond what others call “terrorists.”

“What we witnessed on October 7th, that was not the first attack by Hamas. Prior to that, Hamas killed thousands…of Israelis and hundreds of Palestinians. And Hamas is responsible for the retaliation and sabotaging the entire peace process in the Middle East. Many call them terrorists. But as a person who witnessed their birth, their development, and the atrocities committed by them today, I tell you something, they are beyond a terrorist organization.”

Hamas is not a political ‘Resistance Movement’

The reformed son of a Hamas co-founder also said Hamas was not out for political gain, but to wage a “holy war against a race.”

“They pose as a national resistance movement with the intention to liberate what so-called Palestine. And I think this is Hamas first light because they are not a resistance movement. Hamas is a religious, ideological movement raging a war, a holy war against a race, against a nation. They are not political. If they were a political party, then they would believe in political borders. But they want a global state. So there is no such a thing as Palestine Hamas movement and all the pro-Palestine groups, which of course they have the right to express themselves. I’m not against freedom of speech that everyone have their own independent opinion, but unfortunately, they are giving directly and indirectly support to a savage group that just committed genocide against entire communities. They wiped out everything in their way, killing children, women, raping, burning systematically, ethnically cleansing a race only because they are Jewish.”

He told the group he was not surprised by Hamas brutality because he lived with some of them for about 27 months in an Israeli prison. Yousef explained some Hamas members had suspected that some Palestinians were giving information to Israeli intelligence. As a result, dozens of people were tortured and killed by Hamas. “But Oct. 7, that was completely different,” he said.“What they did was or could be the worst crime in our modern day.”

Hamas Jihadism vs. Israeli democracy

Yousef challenged the audience, asking them:

“Are we seeing things for what they are? Are we seeing Hamas for what it is? A radical religious movement with global ambition that does not value the human life, that does not respect anything that is different, does not believe in dialog, does not believe in democracy, does not believe in any philosophy or constitution outside of Islam, outside of Koran, very narrow-minded people, but in the meantime, very dangerous,”

Yousef then compared Hamas to Israel.

“On the other hand, we see the democratic model of the state of Israel, a very creative and productive nation that has contributed so much to life. Israel has been extending its hands to the region for more than 70 years since its establishment trying to build bridges of understanding, to build peace with the Arab nations.”

He then went through the history of the international community trying to establish an Arab state with the state of Israel beginning in 1948. But the Arabs refused.

Hamas lies about Palestinian casualties

Yousef also pointed out that casualty counts and video clips released by Hamas should never be considered as factual.

“And by the way, all Hamas statistics are not to be trusted. None of their statistics is accurate. And many of their footage came from Syria. Old videos taken in the Syrian civilian war that they say this is from Gaza and many of it is fake because this is their propaganda and who to blame. The free world started to blame Israel for the war victims in Gaza, but no one is condemning Hamas for taking their own people as human shields.”

An imperfect Israel vs. ‘Hamas Savages’

In closing, Yousef asked the audience:

“What is the alternative to Israel? Israel is not a perfect country. It’s just another establishment. It has its own mistakes. There is no such a thing as a perfect system. But the alternative to Israel is Hamas savages or other groups that they have not proven to be accountable, to be responsible, to lead. So, in this case, I personally choose Israel with whatever imperfection there, because if the savages win, all of us are going to pay the price.”



Source: CBN News

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