Robert Griffith | 8 October 2023
Robert Griffith
8 October 2023


Romans 11:36  “To Him be the glory forever! Amen.”

This should be the single desire of all Christians. Everything else must come second to this. The Christian may wish for prosperity in their business, but only insofar as it may help us to give God more glory! We may desire to attain more gifts and more graces, but it should only be so we can give God all the glory!

You are not acting as you ought to when you are moved by any other motive than to give glory to your Lord. As a Christian, if you are “of God, and through God,” then you should live “to God.” Charles Spurgeon put it best when he said:

“Let nothing ever set your heart beating so mightily as love for God. Let this ambition fire your soul; let it become the foundation of everything you do, and become your sustaining motive whenever your passion grows cold. Make God your only goal.”

When I depend on myself, sorrow begins; but my joy will be complete when God becomes my supreme delight. Let your desire for God’s glory be a growing desire. If you blessed Him in your youth, do not be content with the kind of praises you gave Him then.

Has God prospered your business? Give Him more as He has given you more.

Has God given you great experiences? Praise Him by stronger faith than you exercised at first.

Does your knowledge grow? Then sing more sweetly.

Do you enjoy happier times than you once had? Have you been healed from sickness, and has your sorrow been turned into peace and joy? Then give God more music; increase the thankful fervour of your praise.

Give Him honour in every part of your life. The “Amen” to your praise to your great and gracious Lord will then increasingly become your own individual service and increasing commitment to Jesus Christ and His mission.

Why is it sometimes tempting to take the praise and glory for ourselves, instead of giving it to God?  Give Him all the glory … for He alone is worthy.


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