Robert Griffith | 30 June 2023
Robert Griffith
30 June 2023


Psalm 13:5-6  “But I trust in your unfailing love. I will rejoice because you have rescued me. I will sing to the LORD because he is good to me.”

We humans have a tendency to question God’s unwavering love. Love is not perfect and is quite fallible in its natural state. The love of others frequently betrays us, leaving us with wounds. Therefore, we can think of God’s love in a same way, anticipating that it would eventually let us down just as past loves have.

But this way of thinking is completely false. God’s love is not just unwavering; it is also consistently devoted. The love that God has for us will never be altered by our deeds, sins, or bad decisions. What act of love is greater than the self-sacrifice of the Creator of all life for His creation? God’s acts, not ours, are what demonstrate His love for us. His love is founded not on our character but on His. He has already paid far more for our sin debt than we could ever pay. In our place, he offered up his own life.

It is because of this example of constant love that we are able to transcend our own dysfunctional conception of love and transform, becoming capable of loving even those who do not reciprocate our affection. Because of His love, we join David in singing, “The Lord is good to me.”

What is holding you back from trusting completely in God’s love? If any doubts or scars come to mind, bring those to God in prayer and ask for help to grow in trust. Take time to reflect on His love today.

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