Robert Griffith | 11 August 2022
Robert Griffith
11 August 2022


I remember in my early Christian years we had what we called ‘after Church’ on a Sunday night. We would go to someone’s place who had a piano. No electronic instruments back then. We would then just sing for an hour non-stop and worship God. Of course supper always followed, but worship was what filled most of our time. I think it was those times which helped form in me the priority and privilege of worship.

Worship is where we as people actually minister to God. He’s not an egotist in need of our affirmations. We are the ones who really benefit from worship. It’s really important for us to recognise Who God is and when we see Him clearly, as He really is, we are changed.

In fact, it can be said that we become like whatever we worship. People who worship money – become those who value material things. In fact people who worship false gods of any kind become just like those false gods. The Bible talks about the worship of idols that cannot see and cannot hear and cannot feel (Psalm 115:5-6) and those who worship them actually lose their ability to perceive; they lose their sense of touch; they lose their emotional vitality. We become like whatever we worship.

The Bible says that the Father looks for worshipers who would worship ‘in Spirit and in truth.’ The term ‘in Spirit’ identifies the nature of worship – it’s a Holy Spirit – born activity. The Holy Spirit is really the One Who leads us to the Father and the Son to give glory and honour. But it also says we worship ‘in truth’ and that means nothing is hidden. So when we worship, we come to Him honest; we come to Him as an open book; we come with all that we are – our successes, our failures, the good, the bad, the ugly – we lay it all before Him.

True worship is based on His worth – it’s not based on how we feel. Our feelings don’t matter. In fact, what I have found through the years is if I pay attention to His worth and give Him honour – I change, I am transformed. My bad moment becomes a good moment. My unbelief becomes faith. My discouragement becomes courage. My brokenness becomes strength. My inability is infused with His ability. My rear-view mirror shrinks and my windscreen is enlarged as I see the glorious of horizon of God’s purpose, plan and promises!

I want to encourage you to join in this lifetime experience of being a worshipper – one who worships in spirit and in truth, as you bring honour to the name of the Lord. That is our great and wonderful privilege in life and God is always worthy of our worship. Just don’t be surprised if you are transformed into the image of Jesus in the process – that is God’s deepest desire for us all.

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