Robert Griffith | 3 February 2023
Robert Griffith
3 February 2023


We can trust God’s promises even though we cannot see them. As an illustration, consider the story of Judah, where Jehoshaphat’s choice to intermarry with the family of Ahab carried their homicidal character and nurture into the heart of the house of David, ultimately leading to the daughter of Ahab usurping the kingdom. After her son killed all of his brothers, ‘mummy dearest’ slaughtered her grandchildren and anybody else who might have been a contender for the kingdom.

If you had been a devout follower of Jehovah at that time, you would have been curious about God’s assurance to David that he would always have a ruler over Judah. How is this even possible? Why had God’s word fallen short? The crowd must have shook their heads in dismay, wrung their hands, and wondered.

Have you been there before? Have you ever examined your circumstances and wondered if God’s promises have been broken or if they simply don’t apply to you since you can’t see them being fulfilled in your life? Maybe you question whether you misinterpreted them? Any little doubt can be used by the enemy to fuel serious despondency.

However, God had a small secret, which is the rest of the story. A young child who was a descendant of King David had been secreted away by him. For the following six years, the child served as a symbol of God’s fidelity to His word. God always honours His promises, but He doesn’t always do it at the right time or in a way that is obvious to us. Our faith has a role in this to some extent. God frequently asks us to trust in the dark, much like Abraham did when he accepted God’s promise despite the fact that everything around him contradicted his expectations.

Hold onto your confidence in God if He has made a promise to you and has already applied it to your life; but, you are unsure of how or even whether He will carry it through. There can be a secret that needs to mature a little before He exposes it that is stashed away somewhere. However, you are aware that you can depend on Him to keep His promise.

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