Robert Griffith | 19 December 2023
Robert Griffith
19 December 2023


Jeremiah 33:3  “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and mighty things you do not know.”

How long has it been since you have prayed for great and mighty things – for the glory and praise of God? I find in God’s Word at least six excellent reasons you and I should pray for “great and mighty things’

    1.  to glorify God
    2.  to communicate with God
    3.  for fellowship with God
    4.  because of Christ’s example
    5.  to obtain results
    6.  to provide spiritual nurture

There is a sense in which I pray without ceasing, talking to God hundreds of times in the course of the day about everything. I pray for wisdom about the numerous decisions I must make, for the salvation of friends and strangers, the healing of the sick and the spiritual and material needs of those to whom I minister – as well as for the needs of people I encounter in the news. I pray for the leaders of our nation and for those in authority over us at all levels of government.

But there is another sense in which there is a set-apart time each day for prayer, with the Bible open before me as I talk to God listen for His Word. Before I begin, I ask the Holy Spirit, who inspired its writing, to make my reading meaningful.

Throughout the reading I often pause to thank God for His loving salvation and provision, to confess the lack in my own life revealed by the Scriptures, to ask Him for the boldness and faith His apostles displayed and to thank Him for new insights into His divine strategy for reaching the world with the gospel.

Let us all be encouraged today to call upon God, expecting Him to show us great and mighty things beyond anything we have ever experienced, for His glory and for the blessing of those about us, that they may know that God does supernatural things in response to the faith and obedience of His children.

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