Robert Griffith | 20 December 2023
Robert Griffith
20 December 2023


Romans 10:17  “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”

Martin Luther said he studied his Bible in the same way he gathered apples:

“Search the Bible as a whole, shaking the whole tree. Read it rapidly, as you would any book. Then shake every limb – study book after book. Then shake every branch, giving attention to the chapters when they do not break the sense. Then shake each twig, by careful study of the paragraphs and sentences. And you will be rewarded if you will look under each leaf, by searching the meaning of the words.”

Seek to know the Lord with all your heart. While you may have no difficulty in worshiping the omnipotent God, you cannot really know God unless you meditate upon His Word. The One Who spoke and caused the worlds to be framed, is waiting to reveal Himself to you personally.

Faith is not given to those who are undisciplined or disobedient. Faith is a gift of God which is given to those who trust and obey Him. As we master His Word and obey His commands, our faith continues to grow.

It is my strong conviction that it is impossible to ask God for too much if our hearts and motives are pure and if we pray according to the Word and will of God.

Every time you and I open and read the Bible carefully, we are building up our storehouse of faith. When we memorize God’s Word, our faith is being increased.

We face huge challenges in our world today and that requires a huge faith. That will only come when we are committed to hearing God’s Word and acting upon it.