Robert Griffith | 4 June 2023
Robert Griffith
4 June 2023


It seems sort of funny now, but back in the ‘60s the word bread was a term for money. So, if someone said, “You got any bread, man?” that’s what they were talking about.

Jesus taught us to pray, “Give us this day our daily bread…” (Luke 11:3). Bread was a staple of the first-century diet, so bread in this sense, speaks of everything. It speaks of your finances, a roof over your head, and your health. It speaks of everything you need in life.

And notice that Jesus said, “daily bread,” not monthly bread or yearly bread. The Lord will sometimes allow things to happen in our lives that remind us we need Him every day.

You might be going through something like that right now. Suddenly you’re facing a financial crisis, or you’ve had a health scare. Suddenly, you’re dealing with things this year you’d never imagined. You’re saying, “God, help!”

Sometimes, God allows these things to remind us that He is our provider. He provides everything we have in life. So, we need to come to Him each day, not just asking for things, but giving Him glory for the things He already has provided.

When is the last time you simply prayed a prayer of thanks? Lord, thank you for this. Thank you for providing. Thank you for my spouse. Thank you for my family.

Jesus gave us a template for prayer in what we call The Lord’s Prayer, to encourage us to pray, and we need to pray about everything. Cry out to God in your sorrow and pain. Call on the Lord for His provision, His protection, and His guidance. And give thanks to the Lord for your joys and His constant provision.

God wants to provide everything you need in life. And He wants you to bring your needs before Him every day.