Robert Griffith | 6 February 2023
Robert Griffith
6 February 2023


One of David’s secrets to being a man after God’s own heart was waiting on Him. David entered and took a seat before the Lord (2 Samuel 7:18). God was his assurance, and he put his complete trust in Him for all of life’s needs, including direction and instruction (Psalm 25:5), assistance and protection (Psalm 33:20), victory over adversaries and justification (Psalm 37:7,9,34; 52:9), deliverance from trouble and destruction (Psalm 40:1, 59:9), His refuge from betrayal and oppression (Psalm 62:1,5), for His forgiving love (Psalm 130:5-6), and much more.

Waiting for God to respond to our prayers is the greatest test of our faith. Waiting puts to the test our reliance on Him as our dependable Authority. Waiting is submitting to God’s better plan, not necessarily a withdrawal from all effort. By waiting on God, we bring every aspect of our lives under his control and guidance. Running ahead of God will result in chaos, tiredness, and failure, which will brutally chasten us. There are numerous instructive examples of taking affairs into our own hands in God’s Word. Consider Abraham and Ishmael, Saul’s usurpation of the priestly office, Israel’s request for assistance from Egypt in Isaiah 30:1–3, or walking in the light of our own fire (Isaiah 50:11).

What do we discover while we wait? We discover who God is. God is demonstrating His perfections and His uncanny capacity to control every aspect of life. He has split-second timing. He is all-knowing, all-aware, and all-caring. He consistently puts in work. He provides evidence of His constant presence. He assures us of His actual dominance over the invisible enemy. We are given the power to focus by His Holy Spirit. We seek evidence, but faith is the substance – not the proof – of what is hoped for and the conviction of what is unseen (Hebrews 11:1).“I am giving you the substance of faith,” the Holy Spirit declares. He grants us the grace to wait for His purposes until the precise moment when He reveals His ongoing activity. It is impossible to please God without this faith because everyone who comes to God must believe that He blesses those who seek Him with sincere hearts (Hebrews 11:6).

We shall be strengthened to understand the entire scope of His purpose and be encouraged in the grace of waiting as we humble ourselves in the presence of other Christians, open up to receive from the body of Christ, and humble ourselves.

How Do We Wait?

Prayerfully –  Psalm 25:4-5

With strength and courage –  Psalm 27:14, 31:24

Rejoicing and trusting in His holy namePsalm 33:21

Based on the fear of the Lord and His unfailing lovePsalm 33:18,22

With hope –  Psalm 33:20; 39:7

Patiently –  Psalm 37:7; 40:1; Habakkuk 3:16; Romans 8:25; Hebrews 6:15

Obediently –  Psalm 37:34, 119:166; Isaiah 26:8-9

Desiring Him –  Isaiah 26:8-9

Single-mindedlyPsalm 62:5

ExpectantlyPsalm 123:2; Micah 7:7

Believing His WordPsalm 130:5

Assured He is all we need, He is our portionLamentations 3:24

QuietlyLamentations 3:26

AlwaysHosea 12:6

In anticipation of joyJohn 3:29

EagerlyRomans 8:19,23


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