Robert Griffith | 11 April 2023
Robert Griffith
11 April 2023


The ‘giant’ I refer to in the above title is the Church of Jesus Christ. It is a giant, because when we read the New Testament and gain an accurate understanding of what the Church really is and learn of the plan and purpose of God in creating the Church, then it becomes, in our mind and understanding,  the most significant, the most powerful and the most influential reality in the world. This Church which we discover in the New Testament is not only established by the omnipotent Creator of the universe, it is empowered by Him on a daily basis to shine light into the darkness of our world.  This Church was created to have a global impact and to touch every heart and life on this planet.

That is the Church we read about in the New Testament and when we look around us today in our nation, we must confess that today’s Church barely resembles the Church of the New Testament in terms of its structure, its methods, its priorities, its attitude or its impact.

Hence the heading, Waking the Sleeping Giant. For all intents and purposes, the Church we read about in the New Testament fell asleep at some point between that first day of Pentecost and today.  We are still the same Church – for there is only one.  Yet our behaviour, our priorities and our position and influence in society is at such a low level that we may as well be asleep.

It doesn’t seem that long ago in this nation where political and community leaders in society would approach the Church for our opinion on matters which impacted the world in a significant way. Not only do they not approach us any more – we have to almost knock doors down to be seen or heard – and when we are given a hearing, little respect is given to our position for we are now just another minority group in the society wanting to push its own barrow. What has happened?  Why are the custodians of the best news any human being could ever hear treated like jokes?  Why do those who are literally indwelt by the Power that created this universe seem so powerless against worldly leaders who possess no such power?

How do we wake the sleeping Giant?  How do we encourage or initiate a re-birth of the true Church? Well in answer to those questions I want to say that first and foremost we need sound teaching.  We need to get back and re-discover the truth of our Christian heritage. We need to focus less on our denominational traditions, our environmental conditioning, our personal world views and perspectives and take a fresh look at the original owner’s manual and instruction book for the Church.

The manual I refer to is the Book of Acts. You may have read this exciting and incredibly important book before but how long ago? How seriously did you study this ancient text? I truly believe we all need to re-engage with Luke’s account of the birth and growth of the Church if we truly want to wake the sleeping giant and reconnect with the Church Jesus promised to build. This giant will only wake up and stand up and begin to impact this nation again when you and I get a firm grasp on what the Church really is at its core and what God’s plan and purpose is for His people.

At the end of Jesus’ earthly ministry He gave us what we call ‘the Great Commission.’  He told us to go into the world and to make disciples of all nations and to teach them the truth and usher them into the glory of the Kingdom rule and reign of Jesus Christ. Then immediately following that Great Commission we have the instruction manual for fulfilling that command. The book of Acts contains everything we need to know in order to fulfil the whole plan and purpose of God for the Church of Jesus Christ.

The book of Acts is one of the most important, the most exciting and the most helpful books in the entire Bible. However it is also one the most confronting and therefore one of the most controversial books in all of Scripture. It pulls no punches when it comes to power encounters with the supernatural realm and the day to day practical ministry of the Holy Spirit, whilst challenging us on every page to get out of our fortress and into the darkness of this world with the life changing message of the gospel.

I want to therefore send out a call to all sincere disciples of Jesus Christ to re-engage with the Acts of the Apostles with a renewed sense of urgency and a deep faith that God will unlock the secrets of the Kingdom of God on earth as you journey once again with our pioneering brothers and sisters who showed us what happens to a whole society when this ‘giant’ is awake and visible to everyone. I truly believe the book of Acts is the most relevant, practical and important part of Scripture for the Christian Church as we move deeper into the 21st Century.

I encourage you to move through the text slowly and allow the Holy Spirit the time to birth in you a life-changing, Church-renewing, society transforming revelation of Christianity at its best – Christianity as it was always meant to be. A word of warning though: Pre-conceptions may be confronted; traditions may be threatened; theology may be challenged … but I believe lives and ministries and indeed the whole Church will be transformed, empowered and released in the process. Will you join me on this journey of re-discovery?